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Specialists of “Pack and Move”, apartment moving company, will help you organize professional moving apartments in Dubai and UAE. By contacting us, you get a guarantee of efficiency and accountability in the apartment moving.

If you don’t want to have “terrible memories” about your removal and things transportation, but to make it a quick and comfortable procedure, you don’t need to “drag your property yourself” and transport it on a neighbor’s trailer. The result of such events has long been known – scarred furniture and undermined health.

Ask the professional apartment movers to do this for you- we keep moving apartments in a professional manner and at affordable prices. Under our professionalism we mean: big apartment moving experience, a guarantee of the fulfilment of our obligations, strict compliance with the terms of moving, as well as full responsibility for the safety of transported property.

Apartment moving services from “Pack and Move”

“Pack and Move” apartment mover produces interior transportation, appliances and computer equipment, dimensional things, household items, antiques, paintings, glassware, porcelain, glass, ceramics, pots of flowers, compact objects, and so on. Thanks to extensive experience in apartment moving, experienced team, professional drivers, we provide housing relocation of any complexity competently, efficiently, in time, without any problems for the customer.

Apartment moving services:

  • Loading services
  • Packaging material
  • Packing and unpacking of cargo
  • Trucks and drivers
  • Transport of fragile items and antiques
  • Lifting things to the desired floor
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Unloading – loading operations.
  • Furniture arrangement in accordance with the wishes of the client
  • Delivery of furniture and household appliances from shops
  • Delivery of windows and doors
  • Cleaning of the apartment from the packaging material, etc.
  • We are ready to offer you apartment moving within Dubai and UAE with comfort!

“Pack and Move” is better than other home moving companies

While moving with no experience in this, it is impossible to anticipate and calculate all the difficulties that you may encounter with free apartment movers. That’s why you need the apartment movers who know how to carry valuable and fragile items, how to lift, turn over large and heavy items. In general, we know about the apartment moving EVERYTHING … even how to “roll square items and carry round items,” because we are professional movers.

For small apartment movers and big ones, for houses and cottages, we use special equipment, lifting appliances and packaging materials. Fragile and valuable items are carefully loaded and secured in a car with safety belts, and are looked after throughout the route. Such precautions enable us to take responsibility for the safety of the customer during moving things of any complexity.

Planning apartment moving

Any apartment moving, even the small apartment movers, should be carefully planned. It is necessary to assess the extent of activities and outline a clear plan of action.Apartment moving plan necessarily includes: the exact start and deadline of the move, estimation of the amount of work, calculation of the volume of transported property and the choice of the vehicle for transportation due to the volume and weight of cargo and loading conditions. During planning it is necessary to take into account the special needs and the comments made by the customer.

Apartment moving within a city usually takes no more than one day. The moving begins in the morning with the packaging of goods, furniture, and loading them in a freight car. And in the evening you will be able to complete the location of the main pieces of furniture in the new place.

Additional Apartment Moving Services

We do not only carry out transportation of furniture and things, but we are also ready to provide all necessary services related to apartments relocation. So, while moving, our professional movers will lift your furniture, appliances and other property to the desired level, then carefully put them in the right places in the apartment. After the completion of the move all the vacant packing material will be collected and taken by our specialists. Everything is done quickly and accurately, because all the roles are clearly defined and everyone does his job.

We are ready to cope with the apartment moving of any complexity, including transporting bulky items such as massive furniture, Jacuzzi, pianos, safes, cabinets and other disposable elements of the interior. Any moving apartments with us will pass “like clockwork” – quickly and comfortably!

Moving with us, you will save your nerves, efforts and money, since moving with us is an inexpensive, professional procedure without any hassles. The only thing you will have to do is to enjoy happy housewarming, invite guests and open a new chapter of your life, and live happily ever after in a new apartment. And let it all be associated with memories of our easy apartment moving.